Film Production Glossary



A possible transition between two shots - the first shot slowly fades into the next one, and for some time both pictures can be seen on top of each other before the first shot disappears completely.

Focal Length

The focal length of a camera lens describes the distance from the lens to the focal point. Together with the recording format the focal length determines the angle and perspective of a shot. A lens with a focal length that is approximately conform with the diagonal of the recording format is the standard lens for this format.

Focus Puller

The focus puller adjusts the focus of the lense before and during a shot. When working with a Red One, depending on the shot it is important that the focus puller stays with the camera, as he or she has to pull the focus with the Follow Focus. Especially when working with a small depth of field, when panning or when actors move away from or towards the camera one person is needed to concentrate exclusively on the focus.

Follow Focus

A device that allows the focus puller to adjust the focus easily and precisely.