Film Production Glossary


Light - Red One

The perfect light for the Red One is daylight, which is due to the fact that the RED tends to develop most noise on the blue channel as the sensor has fewer blue than red or green pixels. Tungsten lights also produce good results.


Lighting is crucial when shooting on a Red One camera: expert lighting produces maximum quality of the footage.

Light - Color temperature

The color temperature of a light source is measured in Kelvin. The Red One sensor prefers temperatures between 5000 and 5600K. Below a list of different light sources and their color temperatures.

Candle: 1500K
Bulb 40W: 2200K
Bulb 60W: 2600K
Bulb 100W: 2800K
Bulb 200W: 3000K
Halogen light: 2600 - 3300K
Fluorescent lamps: 2700 - 4000K
LED lights: 2700 - 6000K
Thungsten light: 3200K
PAR Halogen light: 3200K
Xenon lamp: 4500 - 5000K
Morning/evening light: 5000K
Midday sun, cloudy: 5500 - 5800K
HMI/HMP metal vapor lamp: 6000K
Daylight when cloudy: 6500 - 7500K
Daylight when foggy/hazy: 7500 - 8500K
Blue sky (magic hour): 9000 - 12000K
Clear blue, northern daylight: 15000 - 27000K


A location is where a shoot takes place.