Film Production Glossary


Offline Edit

Cutting the into sequences and story lines in low resolution is called offline editing.

Online Edit

Fine cutting the , , adding effects and composites is called online editing.


Ophelia is the nick name for Octamas' Red One No. 420. Red users, especially "early adopters", have an intense relationship with their cameras. Having discovered the Red Ones early on we had to wait impatiently for a long time to have our cameras delivered. Our cameras were originally planned to be used for a feature film project that was inspired by John Everett Millais' painting "Ophelia". Also, William Shakespeare's masterpiece "Hamlet" contains paragraphs that are important to Octamas, plus, the stories of Hamlet and Ophelia partly match those of our cameras.

Original Footage

Exposed film material, or camera tapes or drives that have been recorded on.