OCTAMAS Post Production

Full Service Post-Production

 Spot, Feature film, Commercial, Documentary, Corporate, Viral, Art-house film:

· All digital formats: ARRI Alexa, RED EPIC, Scarlet, Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, Phantom, DSLR, etc.
· Color Grading
· LOG, RAW - Full HD, 2K, 4K
· Stereo 3D
· HFR High Frame Rate
· BackUp, Data Managment
· Dailies, Rushes
· Conforming, Compositing, Finishing
· VFX, Motion Graphics, Effects, Film Grain
· Subtitles, Opening Credits, End Titles
· Transcription, Translation
· Conversions
· DCP, Broadcast Tapes, TV-, Cinema-, Web-Master, ...


We are motivated and fully committed to the film projects of our customers, even if that means working longer days or at weekends. For particularly time-intensive projects, we can also work in two or three shifts.

Thanks to foresight in our planning and experience of time management, we can also adhere to sporting schedules and deadlines.

We proactively keep our customers informed about the current status of projects and adopt a transparent communication culture both with our customers and internally.

· Efficient working methods
· Newest Hard- and Software
· Intelligent, smart Workflows
· Very latest knowledge
· If a piece of software or a plugin is missing, our own programmers will sort it out