OCTAMAS Post Produkcion, Conversions, Dailies & Rushes, Pre-Grading

Dailies & Rushes

· Of all cameras (ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon, etc.) for all editing systems (Avid, Final Cut, Premiere Pro etc.)
· Dailies: for Director, Director of Photography, Producer and Television Channels
· iPad dailies: every day, we stream your rushes securely and quickly to the iPads that we provide
· Pre-grading (one-light): pre-graded rushes and dailies support editing, direction, DoP and production in post-production.
· Rushes for Offline and Online Editing


· Transcodings: From any format to any format
(video and audio)
· RAW-Conversion: Hardware accelerated transcoding of REDCODE RAW R3D, ARRIRAW, Canon RAW, Sony RAW, Blackmagic, CinemaDNG RAW, etc.
· Encoding: for all digital channels of distribution: Cinema, TV, Web, iPhone, iPad, Video on Demand, etc.
· Up-, Downscaling
· Framerate conversions
· Color Space conversions