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    Power Box Pro I/O RED V-RAPTOR

    Thanks for getting in touch. Please remove the antenna from your V-Raptor and the you can slide our Power Box I/O RAPTOR on line a V-Mount battery. Re-attach the antenna and plug the EXT cable in the camera. 

    If you have our SC Top Interface Plate , you can use the small brackets to mount it to the Power Box I/O RAPTOR. 

    Yes, it takes “regular” batteries up to 94mm width. Size of our V-Mount is like AB.


    Category: RED

    Do your RED, GDU handles have a rosette to mount on camera? If yes, you can attach any Rosette to 3/8” Adapter to mount on our Top and Bottom Interface Plates.

    If I remember rightly I read on Reduser that the Komodo Outrigger handle fits the V-RAPTOR. If that’s the case you can mount it on the camera and can at  the same time mount our Top Interface Plate.

    SC 15mm Interface Bridge Plate

    For 15mm support you slide the SC 15mm Interface Bridge Plate in the SC Bottom Interface Plate. SC 15mm Interface Bridge Plate – OCTAMAS gear

    We splitted the LW 15mm support from the SC Bottom Interface Plate to make the SWISS cage as universal and camera independent as possible. 

    You can use the SC 15mm Interface Bridge Plate with the other SC Bottom Interface Plate for ARRI, Canon too. And if a new RED camera is coming out you only need to buy a new SC Bottom Interface Plate as you still can use all other parts of the SWISS cage.

    You attach to the SC 15mm Interface Bridge Plate the SC Dovetail Plate 140 SC Dovetail Plate 140 – OCTAMAS gear

    This way you can attach the camera to a quick release tripod plate or any 19mm or 15mm Studio Bridge Plate.

    The SC 15mm Interface Bridge Plate also provides a ARRI standard dovetail mount. 

    Our SWISS cage supports correct LW 15mm, 15mm Studio and 19mm heights on Top and Bottom.