NIKON Nikkor AI-S rehoused by ZERO OPTIK Full Frame

Nikon Nikkor AI-S rehoused Zero Optik

24mm AI-S T2.2
35mm AI-S T1.5
50mm AI-S T1.3
85mm AI-S T1.5
More focal length are coming for a full set from 15mm to 135mm

  • Full Frame and beyond
  • PL-Mounts
  • 16-blade circular iris for smooth bokeh
  • Matching 95mm fronts
  • Rehoused by ZERO OPTIK using aerospace-grade materials and processes: “We rebuild everything to be as close to purpose-built cinema lenses as possible, so each glass element is removed from the original housing, cleaned, and installed into brand-new metalwork. We install new circular irises to ensure consistent bokeh across every set, at any stop, and re-calibrate the optics for centering and field symmetry. Whenever possible, we also improve minimum focus distance.” Alex Nelson, Zero Optik.