DJI RS 3 Pro & Advanced Ring Grip

The DJI RS 3 Pro features arms made of layered sheets of uncut carbon fiber, providing a lighter and stronger build compared to the RS 2. It incorporates the third generation of RS stabilization algorithms, offering a 20% increase in stability over RS 2. The SuperSmooth mode boosts motor torque for enhanced stabilization, even in fast-paced scenarios or when using long lenses. This 1.5kg gimbal can handle a tested payload of 4.5kg. 

Compatible with the Advanced Ring Grip for RS2 and RS3 Pro, it enhances versatility and control for your gimbal setup. It helps stabilize the gimbal by providing multiple contact points and includes kickstands for operator comfort during long shoots. This accessory can transform the Battery Handle into a Top Handle, enabling quick transitions to low-angle shots while supplying extra power to the gimbal.