Blazar Remus 1.5x FF Anamorphic 

The Blazar Remus deliver Full Frame coverage with strong anamorphic characteristics and golden flares in a compact form factor.

The lenses have a nice sharpness falloff, barrel distortion and distinct chromatic aberration, a close focus of 68 to 70 cm and the 1.5x desqueeze factor produces a nice oval bokeh. 

All lenses weigh between 720-780g, making them perfect for gimbal or handheld applications.

The wider lenses, 45mm and 65mm, have a maximum aperture of T2.0 and are softer when wide open, closing them to T2.8 sharpens the image and gives a cleaner look.

They are available in interchangeable PL and EF mount making them compatible with a wide range of cameras.

Set of:
– 45mm T2.0
– 65mm T2.0
– 100mm T2.8

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