RED V-Raptor [X]

The NEW V-RAPTOR [X] delivers 17+ stops of dynamic range with the first the global shutter Full Frame Sensor. Test it @ OCTAMAS rental

The V-RAPTOR [X] sets a new standard in the world of digital cinema as the first large format global shutter camera available. 

Featuring the 8K VV GLOBAL SHUTTER SENSOR, the V-RAPTOR [X] delivers an impressive 17+ stops of dynamic range, combining the frame rates, low-light performance, and resolution of the V-RAPTOR line with the global shutter advancements of the KOMODO line.

With the addition of the RED Global Vision suite of tools, the V-RAPTOR [X] is pushed to new limits. The Extended Highlights provide a more subtle and softer highlight roll-off, allowing for better HDR finishes, while the innovative Phantom Track dual-capture feature streamlines virtual production environments, enabling the simultaneous capture of two tracks of video, one with and one without the virtual scenery

  • Global Shutter Full-Frame VV Sensor
  • Lightweight & Compact DSMC3 Design
  • Locking Canon RF Lens Mount
  • Global Vision with Extended Highlights
  • Phantom Track for Ghost Frame, Remapping
  • Supports up to 8K120, 800 MB/s Video
  • 17+ Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Right-Side Assistant’s User Interface
  • REDCODE Raw HQ, MQ, LQ Options
  • USB-C & Dual 12G-SDI Ports

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Instructions Manual: PDF RED V-Raptor [X] Operation Guide

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