CANON FD rehoused by ZERO OPTIK Full Frame

14mm FD n T3.1
20mm FD S.S.C. T3.1
24mm FD S.S.C. Aspherical T1.6
28mm FD S.S.C. T2.2
35mm FD S.S.C. (I) Concave T2.2
55mm FD S.S.C. Aspherical T1.4
85mm FD S.S.C. Aspherical T1.3
100mm FD n T2.1
135mm FD n T2.1

  • 1970s Vintage Beauties
  • Matched Set out of 50 lenses
  • Full Frame and beyond
  • Great companions to or replacements for the Canon K35 lenses
  • PL-Mounts
  • 16-blade circular iris for smooth bokeh Matching 95mm fronts, 14mm with 114mm front for S35 and 136mm for FF
  • Rehoused by ZERO OPTIK using aerospace-grade materials and processes: «We rebuild everything to be as close to purpose-built cinema lenses as possible, so each glass element is removed from the original housing, cleaned, and installed into brand-new metalwork. We install new circular irises to ensure consistent bokeh across every set, at any stop, and re-calibrate the optics for centering and field symmetry. Whenever possible, we also improve minimum focus distance.» Alex Nelson, Zero Optik.