Laowa Aurogon 10-50x NA0.5 Supermicro APO FF Lens


The Laowa Aurogon is the new supermicro lens from Laowa, enabling incredible macro shots that were previously only achievable with microscopes. It features seamlessly interchangeable magnification tubes for 10x, 20x, 35x, and 50x magnification. Remarkably, these magnifications are fully compatible with full-frame cameras.

Its APO design effectively eliminates chromatic aberrations, ensuring high-quality images. With a fixed focus distance of 20mm, there’s no need for setup changes when switching between different magnifications. Additionally, its adjustable high numerical aperture provides control over depth of field and exposure, resulting in perfect shots every time.

???? 1: 10X @ wangxiang
???? 2: Meteorolite in 10x @ Yien
???? 3: 10X @ Yeweijun98

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