Iron Glass MKII Soviet Lens Set

Iron Glass MKII Soviet Lens Set

The Iron Glass Soviet lenses offer a blend of vintage Soviet glass with modern mechanics, resulting in a unique aesthetic characterized by lower contrast, dreamy flares, and swirly bokeh that covers full-frame and beyond.

In our set, we’ve chosen to include the 85mm HELIOS 40-2 T1.5 instead of the usual 85mm JUPITER-9 F2.0. This lens, known for being one of the fastest Soviet lenses, perfectly complements the look of the HELIOS 58mm. It produces incredibly painterly, swirly bokeh, and provides strong background separation.

Notably, these lenses have been utilized in recent cinematic releases such as Dune 2 and The Batman (2022) by Greig Fraser, demonstrating their effectiveness on the big screen.

With the MK2 version, we retain all the characteristics we’ve come to love, but introduce a completely new and improved design. The new housing features an internal focusing system, enabling the use of clamp-on matte boxes for enhanced versatility on set.

Set of:

  • 20mm T3.5 MIR-20m
  • 28mm T3.5 MIR10A
  • 37mm T2.8 MIR-1B
  • 58mm T2 HELIOS 44-2
  • 85mm T1.5 HELIOS 40-2
  • 135mm T2.8 TAIR-11A